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Lori Mills

for CA State Assembly District 42

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When it comes to the American Dream, California was once the best state in the nation to receive an education, find a great paying job, start a family, establish a business, and buy a home in a safe neighborhood.

Look around today and see how things have deteriorated in this once golden state. Homelessness is at an all-time high. Crime is increasing. Education ranks near the bottom nationally. The cost of living has become too expensive, forcing hardworking families to leave the state. California is headed in the wrong direction and our state elected officials have failed us.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why I am running to represent our community at the State Assembly.

6 Point Plan

I have a six-point plan to make California golden again. It starts with reestablishing as top priorities crime prevention, supporting law enforcement, reining in government spending, and addressing homelessness, government overreach, and parental rights.

It’s time for a change, and I respectfully ask for your vote and support to begin that change.

Parents Bill of Rights
  • Children belong to their loving parents not the state.
  • Parents decide what’s best for their children and the state should not make medical decisions for the kids.
  • Schools are not the place to teach CRT Racism, or Social Emotional learning, Kids being sexualized and put into race boxes. Children are being taught to hate their Country.
  • Parents deserve freedom of choice for their kid’s education. Children need to learn how to think not what to think.
  • We need a Parents bill of rights.
Support Law Enforcement
  • I strongly support Law and Order, and Equal Justice under the Law.
  • We need to untie our law enforcements’ hands and let them do their jobs to keep our neighborhoods safe.
  • We need to let our officers and courts work with ICE once again so Criminal Aliens do not viciously prey on our communities and law-abiding migrants.
  • Eliminate NO cash Bail, Crime victim’s rights. We must put a stop to the revolving door of crime in our neighborhoods. Eliminate Proposition 47.
  • Eliminate the theft felony of $950, and increase consequences for smash and grab. Theft should not be rewarded.
  • Give our police the best training and tools so they may have the best skills to deescalate crime without the use of force when possible.
  • We must reject the idea that every time the laws are broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. Ronald Reagan.
Rein In Government Spending and Lower Taxes
  • Efficient government spending, Stop top heavy spending. End the Top Heavy prevailing wage. An example of this is the Super intendant of schools is paid $228,000 when the money should go into the classroom.
  • eliminate the Gas Tax, Most neighbors I talk to say they thought they voted no while voting yes. We need to cut the cost of living for our families.
  • Audit the state. We need transparency to see where our money goes.
  • I oppose the death tax the current legislation wants in burden our friend s and family with.
  • NO on worldwide Net Worth tax.
  • Stop Govt. funding of $837,000 condos for the homeless when we can do something more efficient. The cost is in the billions. Partnering with Faith groups will help us find a more efficient way to deal with this crisis.
  • Model programs like Loaves and Fishes, a ministry that provides food and clothing, cultivates community and promotes dignity to homeless men and women in need. They have created tiny home communities that have counseling, job training, and jobs that give these people a sense of hope.
  • The  #1 Reason most are homeless is due to a catastrophic loss in the family. This leads to addiction and a need for community
  • 80% of the Homeless are addicted or mentally ill.
  • We cannot enable addiction in our neighborhoods. We must provide hope, treatment and mental health programs, Crack pipes and injection sites are not the answer.
  • We need to fund state mental institutions once again. This will promote health and safety in our neighborhoods.
Government Overreach and Hypocrisy
  • The states Tyrannical Emergency order must end.
  • We need strong checks and balances for any emergency order in the future.
  • The state needs to stay out of the Dr. Patient Relationship. A valuable second opinion by a scientist or physician should not be censored by the state.
  • Hypocrisy of our leaders. They cannot force the public to do one thing while they do another.
  • The censorship of Dr.’s and Scientists that do not go along with the states narrative needs to end.
  • Open California’s Energy Production to lower costs and make us energy independent.
End Illegal Immigration
  • Vetting people at our border is not racist, It’s  our duty.
  • Illegal immigration is not compassionate to Americans or Migrants.
  • In 2021 over 2 million crossed our border from 127 Countries from around the world. This is a National Security threat.
  • Illegal Immigration promotes drug and human trafficking. Fentanyl is killing our citizens at a record rate.
  • Illegal immigration promotes modern day slavery.

Lori Mills, a SoCal Native

Lori Mills was born in Santa Monica to her parents, Robert and Kathrene Stephens. Lori was also blessed to also have a loving stepmother – Llona Stephens, who joined the family after the untimely death of Kathrene when Lori was only 13 years old. Her parents raised Lori in Southern California.

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