About Lori Mills

SoCal Native, Wife, Mother, and Grandmother

Lori Mills was born in Santa Monica to her parents, Robert and Kathrene Stephens. Lori was also blessed to also have a loving stepmother – Llona Stephens, who joined the family after the untimely death of Kathrene when Lori was only 13 years old. Her parents raised Lori in Southern California.

Lori and her husband, Andrew, have a son, Christian, who has been attending public schools in Ventura County and is scheduled to enter boot camp this summer as an enlisted United States Marine. Lori dedicates a portion of her salary to the Sunshine Kids charity to help find a cure for childhood cancer, and to Tunnel to Towers in honor of Stephen Siller, who laid down his life to save others on September 11, 2001. She also donates time and effort as an advocate for animal welfare having rescued 15 animals.

Successful Businesswoman

Lori Mills is a successful businesswoman, who works for a Fortune 500 company and is recognized nationally among the top of her field. Lori credits her professional success to adhering to her motto – “People come first.” She is dedicated to client satisfaction and selflessly places her clients’ needs above her own.

Why Am I Running for State Assembly?

As a native Californian, Lori had become increasingly concerned about our state and state government. She saw the impact Sacramento politicians and their policies were causing in our communities.

California residents are enduring high taxes, a sharply increasing cost of living, a deteriorating education system, a worsening crime rate, and a homelessness and mental health problem that has evolved into a humanitarian crisis.  Californians are losing trust in elected politicians. Productive working families, businesses and high paying jobs are leaving for other states in large numbers.

Motivated to turn things around in her home state and apply her experience as a successful businesswoman, Lori Mills announced her candidacy for State Assembly.  She is committed to save California by reestablishing needed checks and balances in Sacramento and ensuring that our elected officials place the needs of Californians ahead of their own. Lori Mills’ policy priorities include reigning in government spending, improving public safety, improving services for the homeless and those with mental health needs, creating a parents’ bill of rights, and ending government overreach.

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